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Ufotable has truly done it again! The Prologue to Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, was all I wanted and more!

Compared to the OVA of which we shall not speak, this episode was just pure pleasure to watch, and I am so glad that I have something to look forward to every week again! 

But getting down to the actual episode I'm really enjoying how much I'm going to learn about Rin and Archer, already I have more insights into their characters and its just the prologue, I so glad that ufotable is taking it slow and not rushing this part, but after Fate/Zero I should not be surprised. 

But Archer and Lancer's first fight! Such flawless animation! (and this is about as coherent as I can get about it)

And from what I've heard the next to episodes are going to be 1 hour long as well! /squeals

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So I landed up at some random guy's terrace last night, but that's not the reason I'm making this post.

Now the normal reaction I get when I tell people I'm an Advocate is 'Wow' and 'That' cool" and when I tell them I specialize in Divorce, there's and "oh" and "So you must have some fun cases" and things like that. Now last night when I told random people I hadn't met before what I did for a living this one guy actually said, "Dude are you really a Divorce Lawyer? I mean like you'll exist?" and he was so excited that he had actually met a Divorce Lawyer. I was just amused. 
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And boy do they mean superslim! But the flavor that is in those little buggers is out of this world! Ok maybe I'm exaggerating but they are quite fun, and they make me feel oddly feminine, and its the strangest thing ever.

But getting down to business, the tabaco is smooth enough for my tastes, they are a little lighter than what I'm used too, and its rather hard to distinguish one fruit from the other. I've had the grape, cherry, strawberry and the orange, and they've all tasted the same, except that the orange had no fruity flavor. But I rather like the fruity flavor which doesn't have the annoying sweetness of the clove. 
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 Today, I somehow managed to get my work in the Family Court done, in a reasonable time, get back to my office and handle a minor crisis there, then get papers out of the High Court, bring and Associate from the said court back to Bandra, for Affirmation, all the while co-coordinating with a client, and once I got home, managed to identify and fix and issue with the plane tickets for my up-coming trip. 

All this without breaking a sweat (or rather not sweating more than normal for this time of the year) and without a cigarette break.

Edit: Also my account is not infected anymore, so you guys can come back, if you'll are still out there.
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I've neglected my dreamwidth long enough that it seems to have caught something, so f-list, if you guys are still out there, avoid my 'Recent Posts" page, while I try to rectify this problem. 

I just hope I don't have to delete the account.
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I seem to have been neglecting my Dreamwidth of late, and so I shall rectify this my rambling about Wheel of Time.

My progress in this series continues to surprise me, because I never believed I would finish 5 books, of it let alone be so thirsty for more, but I have and I am, the only down side of which is I still have to find the place for 9 more rather large books /sigh

The Shadow Rising )

The Fires of Heaven )
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Ran into some former classmates of mine yesterday, one of whom, had not got her Bar membership as yet, and spent half an hour discussing random stuff, while wondering where to find two Advocates with ten years experience to give said classmate a recommendation. What I did find out was, that this other Advocate whom I work rather closely with, who is sort of the go to guy when it comes to Testamentary matters, has only been practicing for four years! And while I cannot discount him just being that good, I have to infer that there is clearly an advantage to coming from a legal background, especially if you choose the same specialty as said relative, so they can show you the ropes.   

But I still don't have quite enough evidence to decide if those from Legal Backgrounds are really more advantaged than the rest of us.

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I have so much more to say about this series, but I'm going to have to leave it for another day as I have a paper tomorrow and I really should be studying.
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Since today is the 22nd of March, two days after the Equinox I can say its officially spring! Which means exams, and of course a new anime season!

So here's what I'm going to be watching:

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