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So I landed up at some random guy's terrace last night, but that's not the reason I'm making this post.

Now the normal reaction I get when I tell people I'm an Advocate is 'Wow' and 'That' cool" and when I tell them I specialize in Divorce, there's and "oh" and "So you must have some fun cases" and things like that. Now last night when I told random people I hadn't met before what I did for a living this one guy actually said, "Dude are you really a Divorce Lawyer? I mean like you'll exist?" and he was so excited that he had actually met a Divorce Lawyer. I was just amused. 
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And boy do they mean superslim! But the flavor that is in those little buggers is out of this world! Ok maybe I'm exaggerating but they are quite fun, and they make me feel oddly feminine, and its the strangest thing ever.

But getting down to business, the tabaco is smooth enough for my tastes, they are a little lighter than what I'm used too, and its rather hard to distinguish one fruit from the other. I've had the grape, cherry, strawberry and the orange, and they've all tasted the same, except that the orange had no fruity flavor. But I rather like the fruity flavor which doesn't have the annoying sweetness of the clove. 
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 Today, I somehow managed to get my work in the Family Court done, in a reasonable time, get back to my office and handle a minor crisis there, then get papers out of the High Court, bring and Associate from the said court back to Bandra, for Affirmation, all the while co-coordinating with a client, and once I got home, managed to identify and fix and issue with the plane tickets for my up-coming trip. 

All this without breaking a sweat (or rather not sweating more than normal for this time of the year) and without a cigarette break.

Edit: Also my account is not infected anymore, so you guys can come back, if you'll are still out there.
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La mousson

Jun. 11th, 2011 12:55 pm
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Today I woke up at ten and thought it was much earlier. (although my thick curtains defiantly had something to do with this)

Washed my face with rain water and drank hot coffee.

There is a very wet crow huddling the in corner or my balcony and the streets are flooded.

Yes, I think the monsoon has properly arrived!
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Finally decided to get of my lazy ass and change my theme, since Christmas has been over for more than a month now. So now I have this lovely new theme which I think shall be more or less permanent.

I will also be in the US from the 16th of the 26th, so depending on my schedule and wifi availability there will be posts and a lot of them. So flist this is a heads up for the will be spam.
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Family Law: the thing that keeps me from giving up on the legal profession.

The paper was not bad today, even though I did some bullshitting here and there, but I did manage to write thirty-one pages so that has to count for something.

But I'm on my post exam high (I get some kind of kick out of the end of an examination) and I'm happy! plus I managed to score some original Marlboros

And I have discovered that Administrative Law is the most sinfully boring subject I've had to study up to now.

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I know its a bit late, and I really did mean to post this the day before yesterday, but with my prelims and all the nonsense that randomly cropped up ... well I suppose it's the thought that counts really.

Anyway, here are a few icons in honor of

                                                                      Spirit Day 20/10/2010


First post here and first crosspost! Hope this works...


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