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So I landed up at some random guy's terrace last night, but that's not the reason I'm making this post.

Now the normal reaction I get when I tell people I'm an Advocate is 'Wow' and 'That' cool" and when I tell them I specialize in Divorce, there's and "oh" and "So you must have some fun cases" and things like that. Now last night when I told random people I hadn't met before what I did for a living this one guy actually said, "Dude are you really a Divorce Lawyer? I mean like you'll exist?" and he was so excited that he had actually met a Divorce Lawyer. I was just amused. 
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Ran into some former classmates of mine yesterday, one of whom, had not got her Bar membership as yet, and spent half an hour discussing random stuff, while wondering where to find two Advocates with ten years experience to give said classmate a recommendation. What I did find out was, that this other Advocate whom I work rather closely with, who is sort of the go to guy when it comes to Testamentary matters, has only been practicing for four years! And while I cannot discount him just being that good, I have to infer that there is clearly an advantage to coming from a legal background, especially if you choose the same specialty as said relative, so they can show you the ropes.   

But I still don't have quite enough evidence to decide if those from Legal Backgrounds are really more advantaged than the rest of us.

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Family Law: the thing that keeps me from giving up on the legal profession.

The paper was not bad today, even though I did some bullshitting here and there, but I did manage to write thirty-one pages so that has to count for something.

But I'm on my post exam high (I get some kind of kick out of the end of an examination) and I'm happy! plus I managed to score some original Marlboros

And I have discovered that Administrative Law is the most sinfully boring subject I've had to study up to now.


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