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It was nice to see Kirtisugu use some magic, but its the type of magic that he uses that really got me interested, because one can't watch him use Reality Marble and not think of Shirou and Archer. And of course they way he uses it is quite interesting as well, and is very much in keeping with his assassin style of fighting.

However what really got me this episode was Kiritisugu's little break down, and what or should I say who triggered it. Its odd that every time Kiritsugu shows a side of himself that is not the famed Mage Killer, it catches me completely by surprise, because I do know that he goes beyond that, from Shirou's flashbacks from Fate/Stay night, and of course Iri, but I never seem to expect it. And again after this scene I can't help drawing parallels between Kiritsugu, Shirou and Archer, and I suppose once the series is over I shall make a separate post about them as well.

Other than that, Saber's battle with Caster was fun to watch, although I do wish they hadn't censored it the way they did, but then again maybe show mutilated bodies of children maybe just asking for trouble. It was good to see Lancer show up and Kayneth finely make his move, although I hope he doesn't die to quickly because I really want to see more interactions between him Sola-Ui and Lancer.
And Waver should really buy Rider some pants.



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