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Looks like Saber was right about Kiritsugu, this episode proved that. The Kiritsugu was those days was so different from who he is now that even calling him 'Kiritsugu' doesn't seem right, because back then he was not the infamous Mage Killer, he was just Kerry.

I also couldn't help notice the similarities between Norikata and Tokiomi, and I really wish the later was still around so that we could have and epic show down between him and Kiritsugu. However what I did not understand is why Norikata, had considered experimenting on Kiritsugu, considering that he is his only son and heir. As Norikata himself stated, the Emiya family research will take and unlimited amount of time, what guarantee was there that he would be able to create immortality before he died, isn't that the point of heir's, so that the family work can be completed, and the root be reached? Unless, unlike Tokiomi, who clearly didn't mind, if he lost the war, or didn't reach the root himself, and was quite happy to let Rin carry on in his place, Norikata, desires to reach the root himself, within his own life time. Which would explain why he is trying to become immortal, and why he hasn't been teaching his son anything. From this perspective he's more like Zouken, who's heir's are nothing more than the means to achieve the root.

After viewing this episode as well as 16, I don't really think Saber and Kiritsugu are as mismatched as I first believed them to be, at the end of the day the both of them are tragic heroes. I wonder if he didn't have Avalon, would he have still summoned Saber through? Earlier on in the series I didn't see this as a possibility, as Assassin seemed like the most likely choice, but now I wonder, but I think perhaps if he didn't have Avalon to act as a catalyst that he would have summoned FSN Archer, as the two of them are incredibly similar, it would also have made a fun dynamic, and I think some sort of fic is in order here.

It was also nice to see other elements from nasuvers, such as dead apostles, and even the cameo was a nice touch. Also scary as this episode was, what really sent shivers down my spine was expression on Kiritsugu's face, after he'd killed his father. It also reminded me of this scene from FMA:Brotherhood, which was not quite as creepy.


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