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Episode 16
Being Lancer is suffering indeed, and Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, can be considered as a prime example of this, not only was his past life, full of suck, but then he gets reincarnated in the fourth Holy Grail war and, the same thing happens all over again, I guess the Luck stat is pretty important. However in my opinion this goes a level further as his terrible luck seemed to have rubbed off on his Master as well, because Kayneth has had some truly bad luck in this war as well. 

But what really interested me was, Lancer's death, the fact that he went of cursing everyone and the Grail really intrigues me, considering his conversation with Kayneth earlier in the episode, it seemed like he'd take just about anything and not snap back, but I guess Kayneth's betrayal was the last straw, but I wonder, all things considered he should have seen it coming, especially after the aforementioned conversation.

Episode 17
I do wonder if Tokiomi really saw his death coming? Because all the preparations he was making in this episode seemed to suggest that, of course he didn't think it would be Kirei, and his expression when Kirei stabbed him was priceless, but I am rather disappointed we didn't get to see him in more battles, I especially wanted to see him face off against Kiritsugu, and maybe Kariya again.

I wonder if Rin ever figured out that it was Kirei that killed her father? And I also really want to see Kirei with Rin as his student, because if their exchange in the first episode is anything to go by it will be rather entertaining.

It was also nice to see Kirei finally give into his dark side, although I did find confused Kirei quite amusing, and would like to see an AU where this confused Kirei is trying to raise Rin.
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