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What can I say about this series other than the first two episodes have been spectacular?

The story telling style is laid back, yet compelling at the same time,while being entirely realistic, and the characters are so wonderfully complex, it has simply been a delight to watch these two episodes unfold and I can't wait for more.

And the music is possibly the best I've ever come across in anime, I don't think there is a series where I have enjoyed the OP and ED sequences as much as I do this one! And the background music is good too, well music is a big theme here and I'm glad that the quality is so good. But the best part of this show is the animation of the music scenes is the best I've ever seen! I was completely blown away by this in the first episode itself when Sentarou played a set on the drums, and they upped the ante in the second episode by animating a jam session, it was just beautiful to watch!

And I loved that for the church scene they didn't just have some thing like like Handel's Allelujah playing in the background, but a hymn which one is very likely to hear if one were to walk past a Catholic Church today. Its amazing how based in reality everything is, even small details like this! 


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